ARCHAIX Summary Part 1

ARCHAIX Summary Part 1

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Jason was in Texas prison for 26 years. He's a passionate learner and he read over a thousand books, taking copious amounts of notes. His family stored his notes for him, taking them at each monthly or bi-monthly visit. Most books that he read were pre-World War II and many were hundreds of years old. After being released from prison, he began combing through his notes and based on his findings, he's written an extensive published chronology and has many other published works.

A lot of his stuff was published while he was still in prison and I'm sure he'll publish more. He's also found some phenomenal patterns leading him to conclude that we're in a simulation and that the simulation ends in the year 2178.

He didn't deduce that we're in a simulation until after he had an out-of-body experience during a motorcycle accident shortly after publishing his first youtube video. He's come to this conclusion from The phoenix event is a phenomena that occurs every 138 years and is a recent event.

The event occurs with different degrees of devastation and techniques for resets. The last phoenix event was in 1902 and it was a soft reset. The next phoenix event will be May 15 2040 in the northern hemisphere. The nemesis event is an event that occurs every 972 years and is a way to evaluate ways to survive it. The next nemesis event will be November 1st 2046.

54 is the only number that doesn't reduce to zero when finding the difference between it and its inverse Jason has found several other cyclical events among the numbers that he's discovered unique relationships with. 1.618 pi 3.14 and their product 5.08 have very unique relationships that Jason has discovered and they've led him to use something he calls isometric projections, which allows him to predict the future or anyone to predict the future. It's an easy technique he explains it often in several videos.

He's discovered that pretty much everything, all the coding including our DNA is palindromic, meaning it's the same forward as it is backwards. He believes that we volunteer to be in this simulation, that's a millichrome to test our survival skills without contaminating the real world.

We should be able to exit this millichrome at will after a particular assignment, but the similar chrome was somehow corrupted by artificial intelligence x and has us trapped here through lifetime after lifetime. But this is all going

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